I am Amalia.

I WHOLEheartedly love people. I am fiercely protective of my tribe. I am devoted to sisterhood and caring for one another. I feel a powerful connection to mother earth. I ALWAYS want to know WHY. I’ve grown to appreciate that spirit can answer when logic cannot. I love cooking for my family and friends and helping people to feel strong. I’m always planning 3 years ahead when it comes to travel and 3 minutes ahead when it comes to what I’m going to wear. I am a dreamer. Most days feel filled with infinite possibility… and some days I never change out of my pajamas. I love babies of every species and hope to have a puppy farm one day. I am a nomad that craves stability. I’m solar powered. In my mind, I am an acrobat that just hasn’t come into her own yet. I know that food, thoughts, words and breath are the REAL medicine. I know in my bones that I’ve always been a healer but still think my computer is a spaceship. It’s so nice to meet you.

AADP Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Pilates Instructor, Yoga Alliance E-RYT, Nutritional Counselor, Enrolled in the School of Life.

I am Chase.

I’m quiet at first. I love bully breeds and eating Amalia’s cooking. Favorite place for my hand is her butt. I hate beets. I like to rub my beard on my dogs face and she loves it too. I ‘ve always had the urge to figure things out, take them apart and put them back together better. My passion is photography. Capturing slivers of the majesty of creation. I like picking up really heavy things and pouring sweat. I love taking raw material and creating something more beautiful or useful. I am a mama’s boy and I’m proud of it. I have an eye for old barns, animals in the distance and clouds that look ripe for a colorful sunset. I love and play music. I read and listen to books and always take notes. I like helping Amalia with her “spaceship.”

Thanks for coming to our site.

Civil Engineer PE, Professional Photographer, Adventurer, Viking.

Our Great Adventure

We left what we knew to chase our dreams. Our home is the road and each other’s arms… The rest is unknown. We love the challenge to live BIG. We have LOTS of goals and dreams. We take pictures and tell stories sometimes. If you care to watch or read, follow us.

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