The pursuit of health and a sense of WHOLEness in the modern age can feel like a game of whack-a-mole. Which trend to follow? Where is the information really coming from? Who or what to trust? It can be so overwhelming! That approach to life and health can be ineffective and one dimensional. What we all are really craving is a 3D experience of life!

Fine tuning a value system that simplifies your life, and integrates the essential elements of living well depends on your inner wisdom being louder than the noise around you.

The philosophy at AML is that true concepts of health, happiness, beauty, spirituality are so inextricably linked that they cannot be separated. WHOLEistic health is an approach from the inside out. It nourishes the spirit though the body, helping you tune into your intuition and tune out the BS.

Living a WHOLEistic life doesn’t mean you do it all. It means you discern and do what matters to YOU… and you LOVE it. You really taste your food, hear the music, immerse in the meditation, inspire those around you, connect with the ones you love. It’s about becoming your own expert, and tapping into support… because none of us can do it alone!